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As young elders, or Yelders, we recognize that it is our responsibility to prepare the next generation to make this world one they want to see. To do this, we want to partner with you to create a school worthy of our young people, and one that our future needs.

Currently seeking

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Board Members

As a board member, you will get to help shape our strategic direction and lay the groundwork as we look to open in the Fall of 2023.


We're seeking board members with experience in the following areas:

  • real estate

  • business management

  • School and non-profit law

  • policy

  • fundraising

Committee Members

We need people to lend their expertise on a committee. At this time we’re looking for people to join the following teams:

Academic Design, Outreach and development, Academic Accountability, Finance Accountability, Facilities, Oversight of Community Partnerships

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Industry Partners

Do you live or operate a business in Commerce City or Denver? We want your expertise and voice to co-create for the community.


We are building this school with our community, and we need your individual donations and corporate or foundation grants to help us grow.


If you have contacts for funding, can support with grant writing, or you want to give, please click the button below.

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