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Students learn best when learning is collective and collaborative and they have a genuine interest in the subject matter being presented.

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Our school culture plays a key role in the experience at Be The Change Community School.


We’ve created a safe and accessible environment where students, who we call Change Agents, are encouraged to discuss ideas, collaborate on projects, share their work and receive feedback with pride. We give Change Agents the foundation to reach their potential and gain radical confidence and belonging, which builds intellectual, academic, and social development.

What we believe about education

Education must be relative to the people. Read more about what we believe.

Created for the community, 
By the community

Nothing should be created for people without them at the table. Join us in creating.

Problem-based learning 

The days of "sit and get" are gone. Teaching and learning happens differently here.

Supporting Students with Learning Differences

We take accountability for the success of all of our students, no matter how they learn best.

Community-based electives, internships, and sports

Electives, internships, and sports are a critical part of our school culture. Change Agents will be able to participate in various activities rooted in civic engagement and student agency.

Academic Accountability

Our goals are aligned to the vision and mission and to CDE’s accreditation indicators. These include academic achievement and growth, school culture and climate, and post-secondary workforce readiness.

Indigenous based restorative practices

Restoration teaches the skills needed to successfully navigate conflict in everyday lives, which allows us to recognize our identity as a member of the BTCCS community.


Our desire is to contribute to the long-term economic sustainability and growth of core Commerce City by supporting residents with more school options within their school boundaries

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